2012 The Dirt Nitro Challenge Wrap-up

Well, Cody and I are exhausted from a long week. Neither of us feels like writing much after a rough and somewhat disappointing outing like this, but I will toe the line on this one.  I got sick Monday on the drive home with cough and cold, and still coughing, but feeling a little better today.

Cody did OK to qualify 6th on the starting grid for the buggy final. He didn’t win and we had a fluke problem, so this confirms my superstition that nobody wins from the 6 spot! We will definitely try to get some positive out of this race, especially laying down fast lap in the main (39.2 on lap 17), and running very strong in 3rd before dropping 4 laps with a fuel line issue.

The Fuel Line Chronicles:

This problem was particularly frustrating, because the car was so good, the engine was perfect, and Cody was just wheeling the heck out of the car. I really think he was one of only a couple guys who really had a shot to challenge Ty. The reason Cody pulled off on lap 40 was the fuel tubing got pinched and stopped the engine. We ran one of the Kyosho figure 8 fuel line holders in a position that wasn’t so great. It slid forward and pinched off the fuel line. Here are before and after pictures:


In hindsight, we probably should have run it the same way we did in Pattaya, but I think this unfortunate thing is going to force us to rethink the fuel line routing completely. This is a hard lesson for me, but I am taking full responsibility for this. Cody really did his part, but the car stopped on the track, so I have to be more deliberate and careful with the fuel line. I have run it this way before with no issues, but not on a big race track like this. Clearly it was a bad idea. We will be using a series of clips and holders to make sure this doesn’t happen. I really don’t like running the fuel line near the pipe at all, so if we go around the tank, I want to make sure it is not close to the pipe. It presents a problem because if the car gets hit from the side, the fuel line can be affected. Anyway, we will work this out.

Here is some video from the A Main:

Cody video highlights:

7:30 – past Robbers for 6th

8:15 – past Tebo for 5th

9:49 – out of the pit and battle Maifield for 3rd

13:25 – tapped Cavalieri on the staright and spun out (this didn’t cause any problems to Ryan’s car, he had a servo issue)

13:35 – jumped over Cavalieri for 3rd, Tebo also past Cav for 4th

14:55 – Jared rolls over, Cody past again

15:20 – crash, Jared back into 3rd

16:45 – chasing Jared again

17:10 – gets past Tebo in rhythm section, back into 3rd

18:28 – over the pipe, Jared back ahead

(28 minute mark, Cody into pit lane with a fuel line issue, goes 4 laps down)

31:00 – pulls over to let Maifield by

In terms of the race, it was a really fun week, and great to see our racing fraternity. We work so hard leading up to these races, and then when we finally get there, it’s just good to see all the familiar faces and our extended family again. Joey was really breaking ground with a new venue and 3 tracks going. I think more organization and schedule about when things will happen would be good if they do this again, but just being part of it with 700 entries total is really epic. Also thanks to Kenny Brosh and all the Fear Farm people for working so hard. Big congrats to Cody’s Proline team mate Ty Tessman on the big double win. This is a great one to double up on.

We definitely have to acknowledge Team Kyosho America’s Sean Gaffney in the open class. He went into this race as one of the favorites, and he closed the deal in high style winning the buggy final by a huge margin. I think this is a good sign when it comes to up coming drivers. They have to feel what it’s like to win at the open level even when they are the odds on favorite. It’s much more difficult than it sounds, to win when you are expected to win. Every driver who wins this event in the open ranks really does have a chance to make it at the top level, so we wish Sean luck. His next stop will be Silver State, so we will see if he can do it again. Cody won both DNC and Silver State in his break through year in 2004, so maybe it’s Sean’s turn? We shall see.


  1. It’s strange that the clip moved like that, because I use the same fuel line holders and it’s the same way yours is. I think I will change it now. It also seems like the fuel line is thin in order to fold in half like that. Anyhow, sorry for your bad luck and better luck in the future.


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