2012 Worlds Venue Coming Together…


The iFMAR 1:8 Nitro Buggy World Championship is coming to Buenos Aires Argentina, and there is great anticipation of the warm-up event in just under 3 months time. Here you can see the track is coming together. This will be a very important time for all the manufacturer’s to test fuel, chassis, rubber, and all the components required to give some driver a chance to win.

Here is a link to the race website as well as their facebook page (Speed Paradise) with more pictures and info:



Update July 8, 2012: I stitched another panorama together, and the facility is looking really good. You can check out their facebook page at the link above for more pictures. Meticulous preparation, and the BBQ looks awesome!


July 17, 2012 update: New aerial photos from the front and the back of the track:


Driver’s stand…


Bleachers… I hope they build more of these..

One lap on the track:

YouTube Preview Image

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