Cody King Clinches 4th JBRL Nitro Title

trackpano 50
The 2014 JBRL season has come to a close, and the expert buggy class was a battle for the entire 8 months and 7 rounds of racing. A lot of time and effort goes into the series all season, and it feels awesome for the work to pay off. It’s really tough to make every race and try to win each round. Adam Drake is always tough at these local series races. He was always the guy to beat back in the Proline Saturday Series days, and now I want to be the guy to beat. I really think it’s a good thing to commit to one big series each year because it adds the pressure at the end, almost like a National or Worlds.

car3Qualifying was a little rough because I switched engines and probably didn’t give myself enough time to get the tune right with no practice in the morning. I found myself having to push hard in Q1 with a slightly rich tune, and crashed a few times. In Q2 we went back to my first engine that I ran the previous day and the tune was perfect, but I crashed in the 6 pack again and messed up my qualifying. After that I became a cheerleader for Drewmo to get the TQ point away from Adam. Drew got the TQ so that helped me out and really leveled the playing field. It was anyone’s ballgame at that point and I felt good because my pace was fast even though I had a few crashes. So on the final grid I would start 3rd behind Adam, and Drew would start first.

For the final I really felt good with the adjustments I made to the car. The temperature was colder so I lightened the shock oil, and I decided on Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots for the main event. During the later heats I was watching, and the guys finally started figuring out the 6 pack. The line was to double the first two bumps and then quad out. I was ready to try it in my final warm-up.

During warm-up for the main event, I practiced my new rhythm through the 6 pack and it was really good. I was confident and ready to go as the straightaway was closed and I pulled into the grid. Right from the tone I got past Adam because he went wide and I think hit the fence. Drewmo and I got locked into a battle up front and stretched out a bit from the chasing pack. Drew led a little and bobbled in the 6 pack and I took the lead. I felt so good quading out of the 6 pack. It wasn’t that tough as long as my pace was right going it. I could tell some of the other guys were having trouble through there and I knew that was my key to have the win if I just hit it right every lap. I had a mistake in the back corner of the track, and Drew caught up a little, but then he had another mistake and I was able to get my cushion back. After my fuel stop I really had a nice lead. At that point I just tried to keep my focus and finish up well. My car felt great and I was able to cruise the last few laps and win, with Drew 18 seconds back in 2nd, and Jeremy Kortz another 10 seconds behind Drew in 3rd. I was really happy with my car and the set-up choices I made.

champ 50First thing I want to do is thank my Dad. He has been there every step of the way putting in the effort. Of course thanks to all my awesome sponsors, Kyosho, Reds, Pro-Line, Byron Fuels, Absolute Hobbyz, KO Propo, Stickit1 Racing, Orion, Hella Graphics and LiveRC. Special thanks to Proline, Reds, and Absolute Hobbyz who sponsor the series. Big thanks to Jimmy Babcock and all the JBRL crew. Jimmy has been doing it longer and better than anyone. This makes my 4th JBRL nitro title which I am very proud of.

Here is a list of equipment I used at round 7:

– Kyosho MP9 TKI3
– Kyosho High Downforce Body Shell – IFB006
– Kyosho Titanium Screw Kit – IFW427
– Kyosho Titanium Turnbuckle Set – IFW443
– Reds R7E Evoke Engine
– Reds 2113 pipe with “S” Header
– Pro-Line M4 Hole Shot Tires – 9041-03
– Pro-Line Yellow Velocity Wheel – 2738-02
– Byron Fuels Worlds Blend 30% Nitro/8% Oil

I’m ready to start all over again next year and take on any challengers. Please enjoy the pictures:

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