Cody King’s Fashionably Late ROAR Nats Report


Remember print media? A race would happen and you get the news a month later? Well here is my race report, and only two weeks old! So now you get to read my stuff after you got done reading the junk from other drivers. 😀 I don’t really understand how some of the guys can write about the race and post it the same day as the finals. During a National, we don’t have much time or energy to do anything except race and get the cars ready, so we just worry about the reporting afterward.

Getting On Pace

1571I was really fast early, and seeded well, but as the track condition changed, we had to change the car settings. The temps were pressing 100f each day, and the change in temp through the day was affecting our choice of tire compounds. X2 for morning and evening, and X1 in the middle of the day. I was watching what some of the other guys were doing, and I did get some information about sway bars and diff fluid. Most of the fast guys had attended the warm-up, so it was important for me to watch what they were doing. Everyone was pretty quiet about what they were doing with the shocks, but it was pretty obvious that most of the guys had very little pack and light damping in the shocks. This helped with traction on the polished surface and also flat landing. If you could get your car to flat land it was a big help. I think we did pretty well with the set-up by the time the finals came around.


USA_5394I was pretty happy starting 3rd in the semi, and I felt good because my pace was good at the end of qualifying. At the start of the semi, the car in front of me was REALLY slow getting away, and I had room inside so decided to go around him. For whatever reason, the guy I was passing came over and basically punted me, and I got shuffled back to last. (I’m really tired of having to come from the back). Not sure why a driving penalty wasn’t called on that, but I thought it was pretty obvious he came into my line. Anyhow, I worked hard and I did manage to get myself into an automatic transfer position, but of course my grid position in the final wouldn’t be that great. I felt good about my pace in the semi, matching some of the fastest laps.

Here is the video from my semi:

Buggy Final

For the final I would grid up 10th. I decided to go with X1 Fugitive tires rather than the Blockade I ran in the semi. The other Proline drivers had been to the warm-up and they were all on X1 Fugutive, so I decided to follow.1586 At the start of the final, I had a different plan and decided to just keep myself away from the other cars. This worked out well, because something happened with Lutz and Hartson, and I was able to get around those two. After that it was just trying to do clean laps for the very long 1 hour final. My fuel strategy was really good, and my pitstops were good. The Reds R7 Evoke, combined with the Byron Worlds blend fuel was giving me the fuel economy I needed as I was one of a handful of drivers going 8:40 on fuel where others were doing 7:30. Near the end of the race, 3rd through 7th were all really close, and I feel like I left something on the track out there. I ended up finishing 6th. No reason I couldn’t have made the podium, but just had a few crashes. I did feel like my pace was slightly quicker on blockades, with fast laps 31.4 in the semi and 31.6 in the final. I was doubting my decision a little bit to switch tires. I really think Blockade probably would have gone the hour because the temp was slightly lower. That might have given me a little more pace.

Here is video of the Buggy final:


lgThe Truggy final was a little disappointing, because I felt good all week with the truck. Going into the final I changed the caster angle and also we had to run heavier tires to last 45 minutes. I had to get used to the truck again and it probably affected my result. I did try it in warm-up and it felt good, but sometimes changes to the car can take some time, especially in head to head racing. I honestly lost some pace in the final, and finished a disappointing 11th. Reflecting back on that, I probably would have geared down a little for the bigger tires and left the caster angle like it was.


I really want to thank Kyosho, Reds Racing, Proline, Byron Fuels, Absolute Hobbyz, KO Propo and all my sponsors for the great support. Also, ROAR for running things smoothly and A Main Hobbies for hosting the event at Silver Dollar RC Raceway. Congratulations to Ty on a really amazing week. He is putting in the effort and coming prepared, and it shows. I worked hard too, but in hind sight I would have attended the warm-up. It was pretty obvious the guys who did the warm-up and did some testing that week were fast and running up front. Also I want to thank my dad for his hard work and sitting in the heat working on fathers day. I hope fathers day was a little fun. Also Colin Herzig for the pit help, Joe Pillars, and all my Kyosho team mates. Last but not least thanks to Neobuggy and LiveRC for the race coverage and pictures.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the pictures:

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