RC Tracks of Las Vegas Grand Opening


The much anticipated new Las Vegas off-road facility had its grand opening last week, and what a grand opening it was! You could really feel the excitement at the new facility. There was a ribbon cutting, awards for the workers who have been at it day and night to get ready, and of course, racing!

ribbon1Chris Tocco and his partner David Tally have built an amazing facility, and invigorated not only the Vegas RC community, but all the folks at the Sports Center of Las Vegas. They are already talking about upgrades to the other parts of the facility. There is no lack of things to do around the track, with a go-cart track, batting cages, and a food vendor inside the main building. This weekend there was a gun show at the facility and many racers walked through and even bought things. The track lighting is fantastic with great visibility provided by several large lighting fixtures on very tall poles. Other features include Direct TV on 4 large flat screens in the pits, first class pit spaces on new tables, a great sound system, one of the best hot pit lanes you can imagine with big screen race data…. all things have been considered in the brilliant plan to bring this facility to life.

The surface was really good. When the track is watered, it’s a nice balance of old school off-road with some bumps and good character without getting blown out. It holds water well at night and races really well without water. The tire wear is awesome. Cody used Proline M3 Holeshots all day and they still had tread after qualifying and his 30 minute main. He could have raced another hour on the tires easy. Some dry blue groove running has been done on the track over the past several months and the rubber gets laid down pretty quick. It appears at this early stage that the dry running is going to be really good. The surface is much better than any other track Vegas has had in the past.

The racing consisted of 2 qualifiers and a 30 minute main on Sunday. After an early race melee collected Cody and wadded up several cars at the start of the main, Cody managed to regain his stride and get into 2nd behind Ty before his first pit stop. I wanted to let him race and extend his first pit stop a little, but I extended it a little too far. He made it into pit lane and I fueled his car, but it sounded a little lean. I decided to throw the car down anyway rather than waste time, and he flamed out leaving pit lane. I guess there was air in the fuel line and the engine stopped. (this can be seen in the RC Insider video, at the 8:20 mark) I really wish I had held the car a little longer before setting him down, but I guess hind sight is 20/20. I really hate it when my mistake costs Cody an opportunity. By the time I got his car restarted, Cody lost a full lap and found himself in 10th position. He climbed his way back up to 3rd, but got tangled up with some other cars and dropped back to 5th at the end of the main. Ty Tessman had a pretty flawless run and won the race. Congrats to Ty on yet another win.

Congratulations are also in order for Cody’s Kyosho teammate Mikey Bustamante who TQ’d and won the 1/8 electric class. Well done Mikey!

For Cody it was pretty disappointing on the racing side of things, but the story here was really about the track. We learned a lot and Cody’s pace was good. We made a few set-up adjustments and it worked really well. We felt like Cody’s car was good. We have provided a set-up sheet in the photo gallery if you need his setting info.

Thanks so much to RC Tracks of Las Vegas, Chris Tocco, David Tally, and both their families. They have really put all their time and energy into this facility and it shows. The view of the Las Vegas strip ain’t bad either. Looking forward to the Kyosho Masters on December 12th!

Enjoy the photos:

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